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Educational Classes for Parents, Babies & Toddlers




Educational Classes for Parents, Babies & Toddlers


Lullababies Storytime  and Mr. Bear Says Hello are educational class for parents, babies and toddlers.  As a Lulla-Parent, you will learn how to expand your skill set using a broad repertoire of traditional and original rhymes, songs, finger plays, foot pats and lap bounces that are designed to help soothe, distract or entertain your baby or toddler, as well as how to diffuse fussy situations or even build and establish a routine.   Based on local storytelling legend Sally Jaeger’s programs, Lullabies & Lap Rhymes and Mr. Bear Says Hello (1981), Lullababies Storytime & Mr. Bear are  excellent bonding tools for young families and also ignites the spark of early literacy for young children, broadens their imaginations and sharpens listening skills. 

Classes & Programs

Local Toronto Storyteller, Anna Jaeger brings her classes Lullababies Storytime, and Sally Jaeger's Lullabies and Lap Rhymes and Mr. Bear Says Hello to various locations in Toronto and to daycare centres, pre-schools and kindergarten classes in the Toronto core. Classes are designed to be an interactive and fun way for parents and little ones to bond and learn together.  Each class is tailored to a specific age and stage, however the repertoire will grow with every family!  See Schedule & Locations for details & registration.

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Schedule & Locations


8 Week Sessions starting 

September 2018!


Mabel's Fables

662 Mt. Pleasant Rd.


Mondays: 10:15 - 11:00AM

September 24 - November 19

*Excluding October 8th


Email to register:

[email protected]

Lullababies Storytime is a class

for Babies & Toddlers from 0-2yrs

Lullababies Storytime is an interactive program for babies and toddlers that utilizes a broad repertoire of songs, rhymes, finger plays, foot pats, lap-bounces and lullabies to use throughout your day! The class material helps to build your little one's routine, and is useful to soothe, distract, or entertain your child.  It also sparks early learning skills, imagination and communication through play, while strengthening the bond between child and parent.  It is the ultimate parenting tool kit for every day whether at home or on the go!


8 Week Session starting

Evymama Nursing & Maternity

1345 St. Clair Ave. W


Sundays: 11:15-12:00PM

September 16 - November 11

*Excluding October 8th


Email to Register:

[email protected]

Mr. Bear Says Hello is a story time class created by Sally Jaeger specifically for families looking for fun activities for their energetic toddlers!  The next phase from Lullabies & Lap Rhymes, Mr. Bear will continue to challenge the minds of toddlers age 12 months - 3 years with an array of playful lap bounces, travelling songs and rhymes, games and songs, helping them to sharpen their budding language skills, attention span, imagination and small & gross motor skills.  Parents participation is required!  This class is vital to the experience of both the parent and the toddler, supplying them with a wealth of entertaining material to play at any part of the day!

[email protected]

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About Anna​ Jaeger

Anna Jaeger is a local Toronto Storyteller and mother of 2 young children.  Born into a performing arts family, Anna was raised in the east end of Toronto by her storyteller mother Sally Jaeger and her father composer & producer David Jaeger.  She has been a professional dancer, actor, producer and choreographer for over 30 years, while learning the art of storytelling through exposure her entire life.  Anna's sister Erika Jaeger taught Lullabies & Lap Rhymes and Mr. Bear Says Hello for 16 years before moving to B.C. with her family.  In anticipation of Sally's retirement in 2017, after both of Anna's babies graduated from Sally and Erika's classes, Anna was mentored by Sally from 2016-present.  Passionate about continuing the family business, Anna is committed to teaching lullabies, rhymes, lap bounces and stories to families with young children for the years to come.

Sally Jaeger

Erika Jaeger

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