Ingite the Spark for your Child's Early Literacy with Storytime! 

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The Benefits of Storytime Classes

Benefits for Parents, Babies and Toddlers Include:

*Early introduction to language

*Parents will learn how to distract, diffuse, entertain, calm and soothe their baby or toddler
*Face to face interaction stimulates baby/toddler's attention span and listening skills

*Stimulate baby's senses with foot pats, finger plays, tracing and tracking of 

small and gross motor movements

*Stimulation through foot pats help bridge the gap between baby and toddler by helping them make the connection with the ground beneath them  

*Introduces babies/toddlers to basic counting and a-b-c's

*Helps to build baby/toddler's memory skills

*Moving with baby helps them grasp where they are in space and see the world around them
*Allows babies and toddlers to socialize with others
*Babies learn in their sleep, so even if they are in dreamland, they will still benefit from the material
*Strengthens the bond between parent & child
*Increases the body’s production of endorphins and up-lifts the mood for both the parent and child
*Group class environment allows for meeting other parents!
*Parents will learn how to be aware of posture when moving with baby to prevent injury

*Having fun with your little one!!